Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

Our Statement

We don’t just care, we take care.


Our company purpose, to take care of technology, has an important role to play in creating a more diverse, equal, and inclusive society as access to technology helps people, businesses, and communities thrive.


We can only achieve this ambition through action.


Our circular Technology Lifecycle Management solution accelerates digital transformation, while reducing electronic waste through the repair and reuse of enterprise technology. This creates a circular economy that enables sustainable digital access to more people.


We have a strategic commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our entire business. This includes creating a diverse workplace, fair opportunities, and an inclusive culture, supported by training for all our people and clear, regular measurement of our progress.


We make this commitment to our people, customers, and partners. Together, we strive to create a workplace where every 3stepper is seen as a unique talent and encouraged to continuously develop and grow.


We will be continually improving on our efforts because we believe that when everyone can achieve their potential at work amazing things happen - for our people, customers, and the planet.

Diverse workplace
Diverse workplace

We strive for gender balance at all levels and in all functions and for gender balanced candidate shortlists when recruiting. We actively measure and report the gender distribution within our teamWe support LGBTQ+ inclusion by having non-binary options in our HR systems and reports.

Fair opportunities
Fair opportunities

We act according to our compensation policy including fair pay statement. We provide job and learning opportunities for the society by partnering with social organisations.

Inclusive culture
Inclusive culture

We have clear processes in place to ensure our leaders are open, available, and communicating regularly with their teams. We measure diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of our employee survey and act on the feedback from our team. Our commitment to inclusion is an important part of our Code of Conduct.

DEI commitment, skills & data
DEI commitment, skills & data

We have a company diversity, equity, and inclusion statement communicated internally and externally. We train all our people in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We use our diversity, equity, and inclusion data to plan and develop our actions.


Cooperation with Samhall 

In June 2022, 3stepIT in Sweden started a cooperation with the Swedish company Samhall.

Samhall is on a mission to create developing work opportunities for people with different types of disabilities.


We started out by sending AC-adapters to Samhall’s site in the Swedish town Jönköping.

Their job is to organize the adapters into neat packages that are then sent back to the production centre in Växjö.  


Approximately 3500 computer cords are sorted every week. This means that close to 500 computer cords are being sorted by each person, every day.

This helps us to deliver faster, with higher quality to our customers, while at the same time being able to provide job opportunities that perhaps would not have been possible otherwise.


In 2023 we extended our collaboration with Samhall. We now have one person in our production centre who is responsible for polishing mobile phones that have scratched screens.


The collaboration with Samhall is a great success, and a important part of 3stepIT’s ambition to contribute to social sustainability and development.

Samhall Device Refurbishment Centre

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