The State of Business IT 2020

Exploring the IT trends and challenges for businesses in 2020 and beyond

The State of Business IT 2020 takes a look at the road ahead for IT decision-makers in the wake of Covid-19, as they balance the demands of business resilience, financial responsibility and sustainability.

Many have undergone a rapid and unplanned digital transformation, stretching budgets and creating unforeseen challenges.

But there has also been a potentially devastating impact for the planet, with volumes of electronic set to grow as desktop PCs have been abandoned in office across Europe.

The report explores these three themes:

  • Flexible working and the impact of Covid-19
  • Electronic waste and the need for sustainable IT
  • Access vs ownership – a new way to acquire and manage IT
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Conducted by independent research house, Omnisis, the research was carried out using an online questionnaire and specialist B2B sample panels that identified the individual with overall responsibility for IT budgets in organisations employing more than 50 people.


In total 1,010 Interviews were completed using indigenous languages with key IT decision makers, of which 28% were C-level Executives. Interviews were completed during July and August 2020 across the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. At an overall level results are accurate to +/- 3% at 95% confidence levels assuming a result of 50%. At a country specific level, results will enjoy lower levels of statistical reliability but precise error margins can be provided as necessary.

About 3stepIT


3stepIT is a Technology Lifecycle Management provider with an ambition to reduce e-waste and global emissions by helping businesses to consume technology more sustainably. 3stepIT offers an end-to-end approach to acquiring, managing and refreshing IT devices that is cost-efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly.


The company’s asset management platform provides IT complete control and visibility of all IT devices to simplify upkeep, budgeting and renewal. It minimises security risks by providing real-time insights into device health, including information on anti-virus and protection software. A powerful reporting engine provides complete visibility of every asset by cost centre, product group and location.


The company, which serves more than 3,000 businesses worldwide, plays an active role in the circular economy by refurbishing and reselling end of life IT devices. Find out more and contact us >